6 comments on “Gov Ball 2014

  1. Your volunteering at the Governor’s Ball, wow! That’s got to be an experience. I actually planned to go to for my birthday which is June 11th and the event would be one of a few gifts. I heard its pretty amazing.

  2. I went to this last year. This year’s line up is even better than 2013’s. I’m planning to go, will see you there!

  3. This is pretty cool. Ive never heard of this festival. I was never interested in festivals and concerts because it is so hectic and out of control. I also was never fond of standing foe 12-24 hours straight. I guess it’ll be fun with a great crowd and friends. Now I see that it is growing and many people around me are attending these festivals. I am now willing to go for the experience.

    • Maybe you got a wrong idea of concerts and festivals. First, it depends what type of shows you’re going to. Of course if you go to a death metal concert and go right in the middle of the pit it’s going to get hectic. But in most of the venues you can find places to sit down or even go at the back of the pit and enjoy without being too close to other people if you think the crowd isn’t good. In festivals also, they are mostly happening during summer so you can just sit down on the floor (or in deck chairs if there are some) and go see only the bands you want to see. Plus, there are always many different activities and food stands to relax and enjoy the days with your friends 🙂

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