4 comments on “Music and Mood

  1. Nice article! I’ve heard about all those types of reseaches before and I’ve always been 100% convinced that music is so helpful for many things in life. I always listen to music whenever I’m working, doing sports, trying to relax and everyday on the subway. One of my favorite song to relax is ‘The Winner Is’ by Devotchka which is the soundtrack of Little Miss Sunshine. Though, I have tons of songs I love to listen to according to my mood 🙂 For example, I always listen to Radiohead whenever I have a long trip in a car or a train or a plane.

      • I have so many, it’s too hard to pick only one! Though, one of my favorite that I’m actually going to get a tatoo of is “Exit Music(For A Film)”.
        I adore all of their songs but some of my favorite ones are “Nude”, “Paranoid Android”, “The National Anthem”, “You And Whose Army?” and “Idioteque”.

  2. I have always felt that music is an escape for me when I am feeling down. I always like listening to upbeat music when I am in this state. I have also learned about some of the research you have talked about and I totally agree that music can improve your mood and energy.

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