2 comments on “Why is W so successful?

  1. Is there anything that you feel differ images W magazine from any other fashion magazine publications? There didn’t seem to much that made this magazine distinct or unique amount the many out there. More question have you read the latest w? What did you think of there choice to use Miley for the cover ? And the use of “INSTAGRAM” as a main topic. It that issue it seemed like they were directly marketing towards a younger audience

  2. I think the images and the decor are chosen with talent. I have read the latest W, the thing that caught the most my attention was the fact Miley Cyrus was a part naked. For me, W obviously want to target other readers, especially the young ones. However, Instagram is a gathering topic because I think it’s easy to use it, so everybody can do it.
    Moreover, lots of brands are present on online social networks, so it’s not a fate.

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