4 comments on “Heaven on the Beach

  1. I love to travel ! And I am def an advocate for traveling ! Two years ago I spontaneously moved to Australia with my boyfriend and travelled Europe and it was the best decision I have ever made!! Sure it took me longer to finish school but it gave me so much more and truly was enriching through experience ! I feel like travel is also great education !! And for suggestion I recommend any place in Aus !! Nice people and great .. Everything 🙂

  2. Two years ago i went to Thailand with my mother. I saw the most beautiful beach of my life.
    I also saw the beach of the movie “The beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s wonderful. If you looking for marvelous landscape you have to go in the island of Thailand like Krabi or Koh phangan

  3. OMG the pictures are beyond beautiful. I would definitely want to go to those beaches. my idea of a vacation is a beach.

  4. So happy to see Malaysia on this list! Being from Malaysia, I can tell you first hand, beaches and islands in Malaysia are beautiful. So worth a trip! And the perfect getaway from this freezing cold weather.

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