6 comments on “Samsung Introduces New Smartwatch!

  1. I don’t really see the point of the smart watch, since everything else we own is already so high tech and equipped to meet our every need. I don’t think I need both a smart phone, which already lets me call, text, go online, watch videos, and tell me the time, and also need a smart watch.

    My advertising professor however has the Galaxy Gear, and it does look pretty handy and cool. But I don’t think I’d ever go out and get one.

    • Yeah I agree. I think its a bit much, a little more accessible of course because its on your wrist but besides that it’s unnecessary. Just another reason to keep up with the “technology jones”. lol

  2. I think the watch is great! Think about it, a watch that can make calls, take photos and more. Its like the swiss of watches that has multiple uses. I guess its because I’m big on technology and innovative. Our society is just going to increase the use of technology and new things are going to come out constantly so it is something we all are going to have to get use to eventually. In regards to the watch I think its pretty neat to not only have a watch the tells you the time on your wrist but it can also do multiple other things that we would of never thought a watch would be able to do. Technology is really going to be something amazing in the near future.

    • To say we “have” to get use to it is pretty demanding. I don’t agree with half of the technological advancements being made that are being forced on us. I feel like we’re being bombarded and oppressed by technology. I’m all for advancement but I personally don’t feel the need to keep up and purchase every new piece of technology.

  3. One of my professors has this watch and after seeing how it works I think it’s. Complete waste of money time and technology. Continue yo use a phone everyone ! Watching home use it was awkward because you are talking into your wrist the entire time and loudly . He himself couldn’t even hear the sound without putting the wrist to his ear … Please tell me what the point of that is?! How is that better then a cellular phone ?!

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