5 comments on “Boots forever

  1. I have never seen something like this that sells any type of clothing! I think it is a very unique and productive idea by UGG. Whether they kill sheep or not, using a street truck is a great way for this company, or any other that will try this method, to build on its level of trust in the point of view of the consumers. Even for those who do not physically make a purchase from this truck, it will have a positive economic impact on the company simply for the fact that the awareness of this initiative can spread. I definitely feel that this will turn out to be successful for UGG. Did you take the picture of the truck above? Also, do you know if there are more than just one truck within New York?

  2. This is pretty funny and cool. The photos is what grabbed my attention. I think this is very unique as danmcbride95 said. This is something different that I have not seen any other company do. I have seen trucks that gives out free sample of things but not this type of truck and especially not UGG. I do not know how much this will increase their sales but i can personally say that their boots are quite comfortable since I own a pair.

  3. danmcbride95, I just saw this truck in NYC streets and I took the picture from the side because the truck was more decorated on this side.

    oshanecooke, I think that brands have to get inspired from this streetmarketing action. UGG also proposed ski naps and gloves near the truck thanks to a small stand. The prices was the same than in shop.

  4. Haha that is pretty cool and pretty genius of ugg ! Thank you for bringing this to my attention . I still will never buy these though lol in high school yes , at 24 not really . And I still forget these come form Australia .. They are everywhere there and I still am trying to figure out where they wear them? Irony

  5. vsheper, I know that UGG is fashionable at the highschool and not after, but there are qualitative shoes so you can keep it for a very long time. Actually, I read on the UGG official website that the shoes were wear by surfers after they took the wave with their boards. Interesting don’t you think?

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