7 comments on “Phonebloks : a revolution in the mobile phone

  1. The concept of Phonebloks is infinitely better than the model we’ve got going for us. With that being said, I still don’t understand how this would work. The people behind Phonebloks have great intentions, but their lack of detail doesn’t lead me to believe they even know how to make it happen. Their answer to the FAQ of when it will be ready was particularly disheartening. What “companies” are they talking about? Shouldn’t they have started working on it already? I really hope this isn’t too good to be true.

    Either way, you don’t have to answer for them. At least your post got me thinking, which I would label as a success!

  2. I thought the concept of a model like this was amazing…however I really don’t see it coming into fruition. I can’t imagine enough companies wanting to get on board and I’m sure there would be limitations due to getting each device to work properly with each other. So, since things may have to be made proprietary for this type of product, who knows what kind of cost they would pass on to us.

    Also, it’s ugly.

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