2 comments on “North VS South– TOPIC: Gun Laws

  1. I think this topic is truly significant especially with particular problems we’ve been having with gun ownership. This is also a very difficult subject because people have very strong opinions about it. I have only ever lived in the north and am not familiar with how one would go about owning a gun because my family and I have never owned one. I will not lie though , I am comforted with the fact that the north is very strict and thorough when it comes to gun ownership. I hate guns and am truly terrified of them. I don’t trust civilians with guns. I wouldn’t put a gun in my hand and therefore I wouldn’t want someone like me to be able to own a gun. I do, however, understand the necessity of guns in the hands of thoroughly trained professionals such as soldiers and cops and support only that.

    Thanks for your service! =]

  2. Thanks For Your Service As Well!!! I’m Too Chicken To Go Into The Military! TRUST ME I Am! I’d Rather Work In The Office And Serve My Time In Doing So, lol. But I’m going to guess the conflict you’re having stems from what happened 9/11; so that kind of answers your question … up here in the North we received a lot of terrorist and civilian threats. Not so much focusing on 9/11 but remember the sniper guy? ….YUP! I side with Britt though too, I hate guns never, I shake when I’m near someone who has one in their possession. I’m grateful of how strict the gun laws have been.

    My question to you though, do you like guns as a collection?

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